Krish Dhanam, Guest Speaker

Co-founder, Krish Dhanam Training International, Inc.
Author, The American Dream from an Indian Heart

I anticipate my participation in the training school put on by the Brooke team. Jeff and Janis Roach are a true inspiration. Their attention to detail and desire to enable the participants to walk away with the best skill-set possible is refreshing. Working with them has been a true joy and I look forward to many more mutually beneficial years with them.

Bryan Flanagan, Guest Speaker

Founder, Flanagan Training Group
Author, Now, Go Sell Somebody Something

You never graduate from learning!

Transportation Training is a tremendous resource for you to begin your learning process. Jeff Roach and his staff provide a solid foundation on which to build your successful career in this industry. This is evidenced by the several aspects that are addressed in this training.

You will learn a process that leads to success. By following this process, you will increase your learning curve. The class also addresses industry-specific topics so that you leave with the knowledge to talk to any customer with transportation needs.

However, one of your best benefits is self confidence to get off to a fast start in your new career. Over the past four years I've seen, first-hand, the transformation of the participants in this dynamic course. You will be glad you enrolled in this training. It will pay you dividends for years to come.

Student Testimonials

"In six months since completing your class, I just booked my 250th load! Thank you for the great class. It really gave me an inside edge into the world of moving freight.

I have learned a few things on my own, but your class certainly gave me a head start..."

-Calvin Jones, CDC Logistics

Online Course Testimonials

I thought an online course could never be as good as a live class, until I decided to become a freight broker. I looked through a lot of online courses and thought this one was worth the price.

I couldn’t have picked a better way to invest my money. Jeff Roach is the best instructor that I've had.

The way he teaches is incredible, understandable. It is like having a live class in your home. The course covers every detail. I never had a doubt or a question after each module. The narrative learning course is fantastic, and my favorite part is the fact that I only have to listen. I highly recommend the course for those who want to understand the Freight Broker Industry.

Basic Freight Broker Course

This was one of the BEST EXPERIENCES this year. The instructors were GREAT, FULL OF A LOT OF EXPERIENCE, with a great sense of humor. I WILL RECOMMEND this course to anyone who wishes to JOIN THE FREIGHT BROKER BUSINESS.
J. Mauridi

The first week of class has been very informative about transportation brokering. The instructors have been very helpful with clearing up knowledge and making me feel comfortable with all of the information and program that goes along with this career.
T. Thompson

This course was very informative - the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. It has prepared me so well on becoming a successful agent!
J. Gray

All of the instructors were good - I learned so much from this training class...they were amazing. I will refer this class to people in the future.
B. Johnson

For me this was one of the best experiences that I had. The instructor was the greatest. She teaches where you can understand and stops to help if you don’t. It was like family.
Greg R.

Very cozy atmosphere, good, even great teacher with an incredible sense of humor. Very understandable and accessible especially for a person which English is not my native language. I think I will again enroll in this course, because I love the way she teaches. Thank you for the knowledge and patience.
Ilkwom I.

Brooke Transportation Training solutions freight broker/agent training has opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of living. My instructor was very knowledgeable on becoming a freight broker or a freight broker agent. I would recommend this course to any one that would like to work for themselves.
Triron J.

I really enjoyed the course! ...Each instructor was great! ...personality...real life experience...do's and don'ts of brokering...professional and bright...live brokers situations and problem resolution. I am an accountant (CPA) and I believe this class should be taken by potential brokers! I found the course very informative. Each day builds on the previous day which provides building blocks to becoming a brokerage. The class provided the confidence needed to get started in the brokerage business.
P. Evans

Extremely informative and organized presentations....Very informative and to the point...Loved the laid back mannerisms of each instructor....were able to give us some real world experience and allowed us to see what it is really like when trying to move a load and obtain freight....SO much useful information was given and great idea(s) on how to organize our daily operations. All in all the experience was enriching. Glad I was able to attend and hope that I can take all this information and make a great business out of this. THANK YOU.
S. Garcia

My favorite part about this course is how INFORMATIVE and well paced the speakers are. I learned SO MUCH in my week here and it was well worth the time and money.
C. Fowler

I've learned so much this week. The instructors are full of knowledge and experience. I enjoyed the sales portion of the course. Met a lot of great people. This is definitely a must take course for individuals and companies that are thinking of getting into the transportation business.
Cleo E.

The program was great. Brooke has a lot of knowledgeable people and they are very open to sharing their knowledge with you. I also like the fact that they have multiple people come in to teach and share information with you. The experience opened a new door for me as an owner operator who is trying to expand my operations and diversify our service. I also like that Brooke is open to help you start this new journey.  
M. Godwin

Awesome experience! Being in transportation since 1999, it was great to see what it takes from beginning to end in transporting freight. The instructors are great and the best part is that they are in the industry. Take the time to come to the class if you're interested in brokering. It's well worth the time and money!  
G. Ellington

When I first started the class, I instantly fell in love with the environment. Jan and Jeff were just fantastic and my classmates were awesome. We instantly became a family within a day, and we learned so much information – it was just a phenomenal overall experience. Thanks again Jan and Jeff.
R. Jacobs

Every day was great! I learned so much, all of the guests are good – everything they explained and shared with the class – it was excellent for us. Thanks everyone.

Great class. Instructors gave out wonderful and very useful information. Great class!!!!

Very helpful if you want to start in the business. Great speakers, great webinars… Training is phenomenal.
C. Thomas

I loved the school, it was worth every penny. Every instructor as well as the owners were very genuine and forth coming.
T. Sheppard

The sales curriculum and hands on experience during the week clearly are bonuses. Each individual instructor extended himself or herself to the entirety of each student. No questions were left unanswered. On a scale of 1 – 10, I grade this course a 10 ½.
B. Cooper

This class was the greatest decision I could have ever made in my quest to know the freight broker’s side of trucking. The instructors were very nice and super knowledgeable in their fields. Having a second job while taking the class the Brooke team accommodated me with everything I needed. I would advise anyone thinking about being a freight broker to take this class.
C. Abraham

This course was awesome. Lots of information…enjoyable as well. The instructors are very knowledgeable and skilled in the field. I learned a great deal on what it takes to do this kind of work. You not only learn and absorb the information but also use all the information that you’re taught. This program is exceptional.

…They had a wealth of info. Brooke instructors are THE BEST!  I learned more than I  have learned from some instructors in college.  Each person makes sure that you’re getting the most out of attending  Brooke Transportation School!! They really care!
Kellie  G.

I did  the research on Brooke Transportation School.  I can say my research came out to be everything I expected.  When I arrived to the school, some things were unclear about agents and  brokers.  But by the end of the fifth day,  I was well motivated and overly excited to get started with working as an agent with Brooke Training and knowledge.
Terry  K.

Brooke  Training course was very informative.  Being in this industry for a few years, I really respect the info I was given throughout the  course.  From a carrier standpoint, this course changed my view of the industry…for the better!  Really opened my eyes to the possibilities and amazing  opportunities of the transportation “world”.  A plus from Ohio.
Antonio U.

When I  first started the class I was very skeptical… wasn’t sure what to expect.  Spending $2,500.00 wasn’t easy especially when all my friends who were in the business told me it takes more than five days, more like years to learn this business.  Still I came and guess what: I would do it again.  Love Brooke Transportation, Thank you for the Great Training.

Making a live sales call was a rewarding experience, the coaching and instruction is  vital to success.  Although earning revenue is necessary, I like the importance put on other components of their  lives.
Paul  H.

I  wasn’t sure what to expect before I attended the class.  I  knew I would be taught Freight Brokering but I brought a lot more out of it  than that.  Vinny taught us life lessons that you can use in  all aspects of life.  Fantastic  instructor!!!!!
Jerry  L.

Great  class.  Met my expectations. Wonderful instruction.  The instructors make the program  great… think outside the box.  I’m looking forward to the advanced class.
Seth  O.

As a  small part of the transportation business I was looking forward to learning  more information.  This has been a very important and resourceful step in what I want to accomplish.  Everyone  that I met and spoke to has been very influential.  The Brooke presenter has been a very good instructor and friend.  He taught me a lot of what I needed to know for my start as a broker.   In my experience with Brooke Transportation, it’s been an eye opener and blessing just to be here.  Looking forward to moving on to be the best that I can in the present, and the future of my  career.  Again thanks for all the info.
Jose  R.

When I got to class I had no idea where to start. With the help of Brooke Transportation School I now know where to start, what to look for, and what is expected of me by a shipper or carrier. Brooke connects real world experience with the actual freight broker business.  Helping me get the confidence and reassurance to branch out and work from home. Being the first from the family to do my own thing and getting all the necessary tools  and ideas for me and my future as a broker.
Saul  T.

I am simply going to write about what this school (Brooke Transportation Training) did for me in the most useful sense.  I came here to learn how to broker loads, talk to the various parties involved, learn the legal information and so forth. This school very effectively taught all these things, and they will help me become a far more effective broker/agent. They taught something far more important, how to effectively communicate. They taught me how to find my true character and allow this person to shine. It’s the human skills they teach that are the most important. I would recommend this school and it will make you, by far, more effective in your goals. What you pay here, is a small number compared to what you receive. Any regular school would charge you a great more for a lot less. A big thanks to Vinny and Tish for your excellent teaching skills. Also, thank you to Jeff & Janice Roach for making this course possible.

Call me and ask what I think so you know this review is real: 208-794-2217, if I don’t answer, leave me a message and I will call you back.
Joshua of Boise, Idaho

The course went well. I was satisfied with the way things carried out in a professional manner. The instructor was great, working, talking, and helping me to understand the criteria of the class. I learned a lot of information about the trucking business as well as my personal life, how to make it better on a daily basis. I'm grateful for the experience because I came with NO knowledge and I'm leaving with the knowledge I need to help my brother's business be successful.
Billi L.

Most of all I liked that my instructor Vinny explained the course in an understandable way and he allowed me to stop and ask questions if you need it he go by the book. I didn't expect to get as much knowledge as I did. I
learned a lot in one week and I can imagine what I will learn next week (in the advanced course.
L. Morgan

I like the hands on approach of learning and role playing as if it were in the real brokerage world, and the concern of the instructor (Vinny). The motivation of Tish to get across the webinar as a learning tool so that at the end of the learning week I’m ready to jump into a 6 billion dollar business.
Beverly V.

Class has exceeded expectations. The one on one interest in building sales skills needed to be a success in this business was priceless.
Angela H.

I have a very positive perception of BTTS. In my experience, I’ve never heard instructors, guests, and vendors give such creative presentations and opportunities in this field. I would recommend this class to anyone who would want to become a freight broker. The information in this course is very effective and knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in becoming a successful freight broker.
Angela B.

Listening to Vinny for the past week has broadened my expectations on how I can become not only a salesperson but a better person. Tish has expanded my possibilities on becoming a better broker.
Kenny K.

Success is eminent
I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Not only did it meet my every expectation, but exceeded my desires. I wanted to learn the freight broker business, and I learned of my “life” business. I am more than certain success is eminent and my business will thrive, as a result of all I have been through. Vinny is the man!
Sean T.

Definitely recommend to a friend
Brooke Training class was very good for me. It was very informative and interesting. You learn about yourself, trucking industry, and most of all the broker business from start to finish. I would definitely recommend to a friend.
Phadra R.

Learned a lot
It was a very interesting class. I learned a lot of things in a few days. Instructor was very supportive and communicative. I made a good decision to take this training class. Thanks!
Lorenc A.

My experience has been amazing.  I came here as soon as I graduated high school. I feel within this week I learned more than those whole 12 years of school.  Each teacher was wise, knowledgeable, kind, giving, and over all very good-hearted people.  I feel I know that I am ready to take on the world!!!  Thank you to all.  No matter where I go I will always have this with me and that is something nobody can take away from me.
Alexis G.

I received a better insight into the brokering business and had a lot of fun learning about the sales skills and techniques.  I learned a lot this week!
Rudi S. 
I enjoyed the dynamic and interactive teaching experience in the sales portion of the week.  The opportunity to meet representatives of established companies was of great value. The class was very good and very beneficial to me, which allows me to stay in the trucking/transportation industry.  I was involved in an accident 4 years ago that took my job and ways of supporting my family with a lifestyle they were used to.  By becoming a freight broker I get to deal with the same people I grew to love for over 25 years and have an opportunity to make the money in a month which I made over a year at driving!
Brent L.
This was hands down the best opportunity for me.  I came in the training class not knowing a lot about the trucking business.  This has given me not only the tools to get started but the motivation.  Also the companies coming in to showcase their needs.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking forward to getting into freight brokering.
Tim R.
Brooke Broker/Agent training has much more value than what I expected.  Not only did I get all of the ins and outs of the industry, but I also learned a lot about myself during the second phase of school. The presenters of this great material have my utmost gratitude.  I now feel confident on my next step.
Ramon G.

The course presentations and lecture's exceeded my expectations. The lecturers made sure that they left no material uncovered. They answered my multitude of questions and gave me direction on how to attend to the ones they could not cover (hardly any) such as legal, etc. I appreciate the follow up and the industry contacts they introduced me to. This is purely going above and beyond.
Joseph M.

I came into this course with 0 knowledge of what Freight Broker is and now I feel that I can leave this place knowing how to manage my own brokerage. Teachers were always nice to us and were always there even after this course is over and they will still continue to be our teachers.
Antonio I.

The right choice
When I first decided to attend the Brooke Training School, I was a little bit unsure if I had made the right decision to invest $2,500.00 for one week of training?  But after the First Day!! I knew that I made the right choice.  Our instructor Vinny, gave us so much insight into the Freight Broker Industry that I was amazed.  I have already recommended the class to 2 of my friends.  I am so excited to get started as an agent.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a career and is willing to work hard!
Best investment
If I had to change one thing about this weekly training – It would be NOTHING.  My instructor was able to present all of this new transportation knowledge and insight in a manner which was clear and concise (to the point).  I really feel like this was the best $2,200/$2,400 I ever spent on my personal investment…I would recommend this school to persons who really want to get insight into the Brokering Business.
Veronica W.
Very inspiring and open
Brooke Training Freight Broker School was very interesting.  I learned everything about the Freight Broker Industry.  This school has all the tools that you need to get started. You just have to put the tools to work. It was very well taught. When I came to the class I didn’t know too much about the industry.  Guess what?  Now I do.  My instructor Vinny was very inspiring and open.  So if you choose to get into the industry I would advise you to go to Brooke Training School.  All you would have to do is be patient and do your due diligence in getting started.
Dedrick D.
Loved it
Vinny’s teaching was so good.  I would recommend this training to everyone that I come in contact with.
I was so lost about what the difference between a broker, broker agent, and broker sub agent.  Since I’ve attended Brooke Training Solutions I learned so much about the Brokerage Business.  I’m glad I’ve made this choice.  Thank you Brooke.
I really loved the way Vinny explained and discussed the ins and outs of Brokering.
Damian L.
Best teacher I ever had
This was a wonderful class.  I came in to Brooke Transportation Training Solutions Class knowing absolutely nothing about Brokering for Transportation Company.  But now I feel like I can go out into the world and compete with the best.  Our instructor Vinny is the best teacher I have ever had.  He took his time and answered all questions.  His sense of humor also made the time go extremely fast, thank you Vinny.  And thank you Brook Transportation.
NiEtta R.
Felt like family
I recently attended the Brooke Transportation Basic Broker Course.  The training and instructors were the best that I have ever seen.  I am a retired Military Officer and Have attended many training classes both civilian and governmental sponsor.  Vinny is great at passing knowledge about sales and how to develop a customer.  His attitude and energy are contagious.  Vinny is a wealth of knowledge.  Tish Cozine is a very good instructor and her knowledge of the load boards and obtaining carrier information was wonderful.  Janis helped with the V.A. in getting my class paid for which was AWESOME.  It took a few months to get thru all the government red tape but with Janis’s help we got it accomplished.
The Brooke Training made you feel like family in the way that they made sure that you have all their contact information.  Thank you very much.
Joseph M.

Very open
The instructors were very nice and helpful, very open to answer any questions. They made sure that you understood the material and gave great feed back.
Kenna G.
Actually booked real loads
I liked learning about the operations side of the course.  I enjoyed being able to see and actually book real loads.  Learning the aspects of how to make cold calls was also very helpful.

I truly enjoyed taking the Freight Broker/Agent Training Course with Brooke Transportation Training Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Instructor was very Professional and knowledgeable on the materiel presented. I am extremely happy that I decided to take this course in a class room setting instead of online. The instructor made learning FUN and EXCITING each day. I encourage anyone who is serious about the Broker/Agent career to take this course.
Charles A.

The Freight Broker/Agent training class was exciting and informative throughout the entire week. Susie Moore did an excellent job in her presentation of a very complex industry and the associated requirements that are necessary in order to be successful.

Susie’s method of instruction is focused. She provides the necessary details within each daily module to the class and allows students to interact with those details through questions and answers, calculations, and numerous discussions. Frankly, the class is quite enjoyable and a bit intense at times. The week flew by and left no one behind.
Nelson G.

Everything was above and beyond what I expected… great educational tools that I know I will be referring back to for a long time to come. The instructors were wonderful. Each gave different viewpoints and life experiences in this field. The in-person training made all the difference, along with the support of these professionals that I will take with me as I move forward in this field.
Gwen D.

I really enjoyed everything that I experienced in this class. I would tree commend this course for anyone wanting to become a broker/agent.
The instructors are professionals in the field that I am very interested in, which really builds up my confidence that I can make a lucrative living with this model, if I just apply these principles. The instructors made learning interesting and even fun.
Wilton W.

More than I expected. I liked the classes overall and the testimonials from the agents. I would recommend this course to anyone. The people in class were nice.
Mariana H.

I feel that I have gained confidence in dealing with sales and lost a lot of fear of dealing with people on the other end of the phone. The instructors were all very helpful and accomodating to my personal needs. This was a good start. Good luck and God Bless!
Jeff B.

Informative course. I am new to the transportation industry. I have learned all I need to get started as an agent. I gained several pointers in sales which will help with my first contact as well as the operation side of the business. I am excited to get started. I like that brokers and agents were brought in so we can contact them to get started.
Abbey W.

I enjoy the class and I feel strong about starting to work. The class opened my eye to a different look on life. I'm blessed to come into the class and learn what I have in completing the course. Thanks.
Barbara R.

(Brooke’s Freight Broker Training) Class was very upbeat. Vinny is a very inspirational and motivating instructor.
Winfred D.

Let me start by saying that I came here because my friend invited me.  Thanks to God she did.  It’s been so great to hear and have all the information to become a broker or agent.  It was very good how they teach; you don’t have time to get sleepy.  I really want to become an agent so I am going home to talk to my husband and move forward.  I know he would like to do it also.  Keep doing what you guys did this week.  It is and was extremely wonderful.  God Bless all of the instructors.  You showed me a lot and gave me all the information I need to become a successful person. Thanks.  God Bless you all.
Rosaida C.

I found this class to be very informative.  It presented areas of the business that I never imagined were part of the process. It is a very diverse business, and a competitive business. Vinny is very knowledgeable on every aspect of the business.  He makes learning fun and interesting.  I appreciate all of the information available to me. I would like to recommend this class to anyone.
Roderick J.

This class is very informative. I already knew a lot about the trucking side and now I know more about the operation Broker/Agent side.
Tumekia H.

Excellent training and instruction in the Freight Broker Transportation Business.  The course was above my personal expectation.
Fernando T.

It was a good experience knowing more about broker freight. Great job explaining and resolving all doubts.
L. B.
I researched several schools for Broker Training.  I read comments on the Internet of past students and people who had taken courses throughout the country and several said DO NOT PAY TO TAKE A COURSE.  They even recommended to buy or Google info to be a broker.
Well, they are wrong about not paying for a course…this class is worth every penny. The instructors are knowledgeable, professional, educated, and willing to be mentors as needed.
The classes are fun!  They teach lots of ways to prospect on… They taught more than I wanted to hear. One on one, face to face they will give you the readiness to decide on your future.
Daisy J.
This experience was awesome! The instructors were very knowledgeable.  I am so excited about the opportunity this training will allow me to explore.  I can’t wait to get started with my new career now that I have retired from education.
All teachers’ were great, explaining so the student can understand.
Love the time 9 to 5.
Keep up the good work.
Kenneth J.

Learn different systems of the business and get the opportunity for employment at the end of the class. Great teachers give you the raw truth about the industry. 
Frank B.
Awesome.  I learned so much, much more than I was expecting.  Vinny is the best teacher in the world! He makes learning fun and really goes the extra mile to help everyone!!

I came to class to learn about the freight brokering business, but ended up learning so much more.  Being able to ask the "HARD" questions and receive real life answers by Vinny was super.  I feel more enthusiastic about going forward with the process from what was learned, the information, contacts, and new comrades are immeasurable.
Joseph M.

I am please of having taken Broker Training at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions.  I have gained ample knowledge on the field, and I am armed with the tools necessary to prosper in this area of transportation. Thank you.
Ricardo O.

When I came to the class I had no expectation.  But by the end of the week I had learn so much about being a broker.  The most important  thing that blew me away was I learn so much about myself.  The teachers were wonderful, very informative.
Rydell F.

I came to this class to learn about freight brokering.  Not only did I learn that, I also learned a lot about myself. This class can also help you with personal growth.  This is the first class I ever sat in that was interesting.  I did not have a problem keeping my eyes open.
Josh H.

This not just a class to learn to be a Broker, It is a class to learn  about yourself and ways to change your habits and change your view of other  people so you may communicate better with a positive experience. I learned more about myself the first day than I thought was possible!  I now have a positive attitude which will help me understand and communicate with other people.
Bill B.

Having spent over a decade in sales, I thought that I had learned everything a sales person could ever know.  Vinny’s approach to sales training is among the best.  I learned more training with Vinny than in the last decade.  Well done.
Charlie F.
The instructors were great at teaching everything I wanted to learn.  The course taught me what I needed to learn the business.
Melissa E.
I can truly say I learned a lot from the course, both from my instructor and classmates.  I love the fact that we could all have conversations and ask good questions.  I fell like Vinny went above and beyond his requirements.  I can truly say that he overachieved.
Wilfredo H.
Very helpful program.  Went into details and the good thing is that everything is in the book we got.
Dennis R.
This class is very helpful and informative for anyone wanting to start out in the business.
Wendy M.
Vinny was an outstanding instructor, not only did he teach us a lot about the brokerage industry, but also, a lot about ourselves and how to better ourselves in our personal lives.  I am very pleased to have taken this course.
Diego V.
I am more than happy leaving this course.  I will take with me way more than just Broker/Agent knowledge.  I’m taking back life lessons and guidelines in which to run my business with, but more importantly my life.
John R.
This was a great week, and I met great people, and the instructor Vinny was better than great.  His abilities to get things across were super human.
This class was very beneficial for me in the sales aspect.  I feel more confident in approaching potential customers and furthering business for my company.
Robyn F.
Vinny is a very good instructor.  He kept the class interested.  He not only gave me a good feel for being a broker, he also stressed business ethics and personal growth skills.  I can’t say enough good things about “My Cousin Vinny”.  He is an asset to the Brooke School Team.
Kirby L.

Very Good Instructors! I came in knowing very little about thInteresting and entertaining course… A must for anyone interested in logistics.
Jim M.

I absolutely dislike classroom learning, HOWEVER Suzie made it fun, interactive and information filled. I will recommend to others.
Andrea C.

I found this class very informative. I was able to follow and understand the materials and program. Susie was very personable and a pleasure to have as an instructor.
Sharon G.

I feel more confident about working in this field. This course has been a good experience.
Eric W.

Brooke Transportation School will give you a wonderful opportunity to change your life to something better and start a new career, achieve your goals and dreams. It’s been truly a pleasure for me to be ont of their students.
Alexander L.

e transportation business. By the end of the week, I felt like I can go and start my own brokerage company. Great! Very informative. My thanks goes to Vinny, Jeff, and Tish.
Nancy G.

Lots of knowledge to learn in 5 days: shipment of carrier packet, how to process the flow, business set up, work flow, how to get business, finding shipments and, carriers, credit check, liabilities, insurances, and how to find and keep a new customer.
Amrit S.

I was impressed with the number of individuals that participated in our training who were actual Brooke graduates. To me, that says a lot about the program.
Roy B.

Very informative course. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the transportation/logistics or sales/marketing business. Vinny keeps you focused on the task at hand, keeping the class lively with lots of smiles.
Chaucy B.

Ah! I had an amazing experience. I learned a lot about how to be a broke agent. They made this fun but also educational.
Alejandro C.

Tish was a welcome enhancement to the class. I learned much from watching her as a broker/agent at work. Vinny brought a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge on the “Art of the Sale”. Invaluable information to both take to heart and to work.
Kevin G.

First day was tuff, I didn’t understand. By the last day, everything I had questions for got answered and it is clear. I had fun meeting new people. I had the opportunity to meet with a broker to become their agent.
Herson V.

I have had a good experience. I have learned a lot of new things. I’m leaving with a whole lot of knowledge about the transportation industry as well as the sales skills needed.
Jose R.

The instructors are great, especially Vinny. He makes the lessons easy to learn and his sales methods applied to brokers are invaluable. This alone
makes the course worth the money.
Hector I.

The first day I came I learned a little cause I had experience in the Industry of transportation. My second day I learn more. On my third day I was very motivated and surprised. I found out I had no clue what the Brokerage Industry is all about. I can say the money I paid for this class is worth every penny. I am ready to be a Broker. Thanks to all the
instructors in the Brokerage Training School.
Luis R.

I really enjoyed Thursday with Vinny. He was very motivational and encouraging. I loved the personality trait tests, which determined different personalities in which you will deal with day to day. The binder that has been prepared for all the students is very informational and provides all the proper tools in becoming an agent or starting your brokerage company.
Laura-Lisa G.

It was a good learning (explanatory) experience. Our main instructor Vinny is a great instructor that made my learning skill fun and improve. Call ins from companys were well orientated and also helped knowledge and help understand my thoughts. I am very confident that this will help me succeed.
Ruben Garcia

I like the way that it is so complete that if I go through the literature I can find the info I need from there. I really enjoyed the class. Vinny did a really good job. All of the training was very beneficial. Jim Rice

The Brooke team provided variety of excellent training areas such as: sales process and motivation, computer and software, the brokering process, and exposure/interaction with active broker agencies currently doing business. I would highly recommend this team to anyone considering the Freight Brokerage Business as a career.
Michael R. Barth

Vinny is a very good teacher and gave me the tools to begin and succeed in the Freight Brokering Business. Thank you Brooke Transportation Training Solutions.
Keith D. Gilstrap

I was the only teenager in the class but I felt very accepted. I really enjoyed this class, we covered tons of information but it was broken down easily to understand. I don’t have any complaints. I would recommend this class to anybody.
Celeste Miller

This was an excellent class when being taught by Vinny. I came to this class with very little knowledge about freight brokering but now I’m equipped to start my own business.
Josie A. Miller

I took your course back in July at your Jacksonville location. It was a great inspiring education. I am doing great. I know my success from the Logistic side of our business is from the great start I had by taking your course. I tell you it has enhanced our transport business as well... I will be hiring in June and will be sending my New Hire to attend your course! Jeff thank you and I am always spreading the word of your training!
Sonya E.

Vinny (instructor) is awesome!  He really inspired me to approach this business with a positive attitude.  Graham and Tish were great too.  I learned a lot… now it is time to put the knowledge to action.
Cameron G.

The instructors were very motivating and helpful.  They offered an
array of valuable tools to grow my business.
Brenda H.

This course provided me with a lot of knowledge on the brokerage industry. Before coming to the training I had little to no experience on the field, but the instructors made it easy to understand.  They were enthusiastic, full of knowledge, and very helpful every step of the way.Vinny is a great teacher, with a smile every morning, full of energy, and very positive.  He made sure we understood everything. Graham, also great, gave us lots of information on technology.  You don’t need to spend much for technology. Tish was also great she gave great examples and walked us thru actual quotes.  The classroom setting was very comfortable. Thank you Brooke Training.  I am on the road to success!
Carla B.

Very pleased with Jan, Graham, Vinny, and Tish. They were so helpful. Never expected for them to be so informative with all the info.  Woke up excited for what I was gonna learn everyday. Can’t wait to put my knowledge to work. Thanks again Brook Training.

I learned a lot from Jeff. The class is very informative and very helpful. I would tell anyone that wants to be an agent or broker to take the class. You will get your money’s worth.
Eardis E.

Very great school, teachers, and objectives. I enjoyed this week of school. I learned a lot of thingts that I will need to become a successful broker or agent. Many useful tips. Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is a great school in all ways. Thank you so much BTTS.
Islam S.

This class was very informative. We covered all aspects of ‘how and why’ when dealing with starting a brokerage. Mr Ashcraft is a very big asset to this course. His expertise is unlimited. No question was stupid and allowed me to become comfortable during class.
Darrell M.

I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot more than when I was a dispatcher. Jeff is a good teacher. He has patience to answer all the questions that we had. He gave us contacts and it was worth coming down to Dallas.
Bianca A.

I felt that this was a wonderful experience. I have grown as a person and as a potential agent/broker for my company. I loved the interaction of the students and the professor/teacher. It was just like dialoging with a friend. The teachers are knowledgeable and experienced. It was truly a pleasure to take this course. I feel confident I can be a great agent or broker.
Robin W.

The instructors were knowledgeable in their fields and answered questions clearly. They were very open for questions and helped beyond class hours.
John B.

Your materials are very valuable to me in order to understand the transportation industries. Even though I have no background in this industry, after I graduate I’m motivated to get into this industry. I will refer anyone I come across to Brooke.
Vikki V.

This class was a lot of fun with all kinds of things to keep one busy. Good lesson plans and good instructors. I feel like I have been given a second chance to do what I love, working with people. Really had a great time.
Marvin H.

Fact filled course, more than expected, got my money's worth.
Hans W.

Great class. Great teaching skills, and had fun at the same time.
Luiz G.

Lots of good information. Feel ready and encouraged to start my own broker carrier company. Jeff is a very good "teacher". Easy to understand. Very good class. Thanks BTTS.
Gustavo de J.

Thank you Jeff, everything was explained very well. I understand the Broker/agent situations…everything was awesome.
R. E.

This class was fun. As a visual learner it was easy to learn things that normally took weeks for me to understand with lecture. The teacher thought in everyway possible for us to understand the materials and made sure we did by asking us if we had any questions after any topic or subject.
Shida F.

Excellent class. Did not have high expectations but left with a completely new perspective. Learned much more than expected.
Peter G.

I am very pleased to have an instructor that has the experience in this field and still uses those technologies today. Jeff (Ashcraft) really makes sure you understand the material to become a successful broker. I feel I have enough information to go out and start my brokerage.
Mark C.

The class was informative and Jeff did a great job on answering all of our questions, it's a realistic course. Some people may come into it thinking it's easy money but he's good about letting us know about the work.
Ani H.

Really enjoyed the class thought Jeff covered a lot of material and was thorough in doing so and helpful.
Gary H.

You are great! We have learned everything that we needed to know about a freight broker. You're very good at what you do. Keep in touch. We can't wait to be your agent!
Baohan N.

Take Jeff's class, because he understands any personal problem that may occur during the duration of the class. I enjoyed his teaching for he made it interesting. I'm usually a person full of questions, but not in his class. He explains everything so well and cuts out the confusion.
Tumiyia Latrice W.

This Brooke course has taught me a lot of how to be a broker and gave the tools to be successful in the real world. Jeff is a great teacher. It is the best investment every made.
Maria V.

I have attended this class for five days with my husband…Jeff, the teacher, was so friendly. I am really thankful for his help.
Harpreet K.

Class is very informative; I believe that all the basics for the brokerage business is well covered. It was very motivating and gave me confidence.
Edith G.

Enjoyed the class and all the great info. I can't wait to implement.
Janice D.

Class was very informative…left this class with a lot of confidence to be a broker.
Gary F.

This class was very informative. If you are a truck driver, carrier or just new to the business this class gives you the tools you need to get started as an agent or broker.
Jeremiah K.

I really enjoyed Brooke training . .. Our instructor answered questions based on real life activity in a brokerage.
Rafael K.

This was something I've thought about since I became a trucker. . This has opened my door to do something extra. Jeff has a lot of material and I will be using it…it was cool stuff.
Moses N.

This class I recommend to everyone. Excellent.
Johana M.

I really enjoyed this class. I feel confident that I've been given enough information to succeed. Everything was well laid out and we were given ample opportunity to ask questions.
Craig C.

Great course.
Calvin S.

I really enjoyed taking the training class. I was a bit nervous coming to the class since I am brand new to the business. But after I left the course, I now feel confident enough to tackle my first load. Thank you Lance, for being very informative and a great instructor.
Melissa L.

This class is both very informative and a lot of fun. When you attend this class, you will not only learn everything you need to know to become a freight broker agent or successfully operate a freight brokerage, you will learn many sales techniques and inside secrets and tips as well. We will be sending our agents here for training. Highly recommended.
Randall B.

Very instructive class, more than “nice” teacher, useful tools, friendly.
Filip M.

I have never worked before in the trucking field… I now am very motivated and prepared.
Pedro R.

Susie did a great job of presenting all of the information in an informative and entertaining way.
Tom S.

…a very pleasant and open experience. The class covered all the questions and gave additional information that I feel will be most helpful.
Tonya S.

When I initially began the class on the 26th of July I was very skeptical with the pace of the class and how much I would learn by the end of five days. I was very worried that I might not achieve the goal I intended. As time went by I realized that what I wanted to learn I was learning slowly but steadily. Class is designed for anyone to be able to learn everything that they teach. At the end of the 3rd day I knew I was satisfied, 4th day I thought I could quit, that I had learned everything. It was the 5th day that I realized the extent of my satisfaction…
Mark K.

While attending Brooke Transportation Training Solutions I learned many things. I learned much of what a broker and a broker agent do in the transportation industry. The classes are personalized which makes all the information understandable. I would also add that this is the location (Charlotte) to come to because they have all the necessary resources to educate you for this business. If I had to choose a school once again, I would choose Brooke.
Marco R.

Attending the school helped me bring the idea of an organizational brokering business come together in my mind. It is still virtual but it made it easier to conceive the business.
Antonio D.

I would encourage anyone to take the Brooke transportation training Solutions course. It has helped me, as a truck driver get better ideas about the business I’m in and also to expand beyond being just a truck driver, I believe this course is overall excellent. Perfectly organized.
Jose R.

I was very excited about the class because it sounded like a good way to start off a good job in a very big and thriving industry. It was everything I expected and more. Susie was great and so were all the guys in the office. Everyone answered all of our questionas and we learned so much.
Dragon R.
P.S. The Klondike Bars were awesome

This class was very informative. I feel more knowledgeable and comfortable and better prepared to go out and be successful in this line of business. I am sure there is much more that can and will be learned through trial, and error, but this was a good base start!
Tara L.

This training has been very informative and productive. These tools, I believe have been in the coming. I have learned ways to approach and execute ways of the business. It has helped on both sides Carrier/broker and has helped tie up some loose ends. I understand more clearly brokerage. I will keep in touch with all.
Shawn L.

I learned so much from the class like the way instructor breaks it down so I could understand it. She gave us sample of everything we need to get started i.e. load confirmation sheets, carrier sheets and shippers invoices. Everyone she introduce you has been doing (their job) for a long time.
Kevin H.

Take Jeff’s class because he is understanding and thorough. I usually ask lots of questions but not in this class. He explains everything so well and cuts out any confusion.
T. W.

The Brooke course taught me how to be a broker and gave me tools for success in the real world. Great instructor. Best investment I’ve ever made.
Maria V.

You are great! We learned everything. You’re very good at what you do!
B. N.

Really enjoyed the course. Very thorough and helpful.
Gary H.

This class was informative. Jeff did a great job at answering all our questions. It is a realistic course. Some people may come in thinking this is easy money but he’s good about letting us know about the work.
A. H.

I really enjoyed the training. I came to Brooke with absolutely zero knowledge of the industry and now I feel I can succeed in the industry. I’m very excited about the career field...excellent explaining of the industry and what the day to day work load would consist of…I am very satisfied and glad I chose them.
A. Porras

Brooke provides students with the proper tools to start our own broker/agent business. And after finishing the teachers are willing to work with you to start your own business…
A. York

Coming in,I was really scared because I had always been in sales but didn’t know anything about the (transportation) business. By Friday I was excited and confident about my future…
T. Kirk

I really enjoyed the class put on by Brooke. I met some good people.
K. Burton

Learned a lot about daily operations. Learned about TL and LTL.
D. Stefan

Being around the transportation business I was looking for something different to do. So, I decided to take Brooke Training’s broker class. Great class with lots of materials to help anyone with desire to change their income status.
P. Lowe

I have been honored to take this course. Jeff Ashcraft was a great teacher and he gave me more knowledge about being a broker and an agent. Trish also guided me and showed me step by step on how loads are being booked, carriers being found, etc. It was a great opportunity to meet them both as well as the people from Zig Ziglar. Thank you.
R. Tharpe

I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful class. I love the people and instructors. What I’ve learned I will take with me for life. I recommend for anyone to go to this school. Had fun. I thank God for everyone’s support and encouragement. Thanks a million, look forward to returning later this year for advanced class.
M. Simonson

I am leaving with the knowledge to hit the ground running and start my own brokerage. Jeff Ashcraft has been very thorough a great contact to keep me informed. Brian Flannagan was very inspirational, and motivating. Great speaker and very funny.
D. Shepherd

I came in not knowing anything about being a broker. After this training course I now have many of the tools I will need to start my own brokerage.
M. Conmy

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions filled in the gaps in my knowledge of freight brokering. My money was well spent before the end of the first day of class. I had already saved $1000 in future fees and am well on the way to securing residual income in a field I am comfortable with and like.
Marvin S.

The class is very well structured. The material is perfectly organized and easily understandable by people working in different fields, even those who have never worked in the transportation business.
Matalya S.

I learned many new things. You are very successful. I feel like a new person. Thanks.
Essita S.

Our instructor was very inspirational and motivating. This class was beyond my expectations, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking at a career in freight brokering.
Richard J.

Our instructor had amazing examples, and I was able to use the information in "real time." Very informative. This is the school to go to.
Valerie S.

Great learning environment. Very in depth on load boards and their functions. I feel very comfortable with all the sales techniques. This class will help me and everyone else who takes the class succeed in the future.
E. V.

Learned a lot about the freight broker business in a short few days.
N. T.

Great training source for would be broker agents with no previous experience.
V. M.

Enjoyed the class that teaches you so much. Really got down to the nuts and bolts of how this business operates. Jeff was really able to answer all our questions. He went out of his way to teach us as much as possible.
S. M.

Plenty of useful information for anyone to succeed in this industry. Class was very informative and easily comprehensible. Great job Jeff. Thank you for all the info.
Tyler P.

I learned a lot of detail about freight being moved and what a freight broker does. I didn’t think I would learn that much. I believe this training will help me succeed in this field.
Natalie P.

Jeff was so friendly and informative! He is very patient and goes over detail very well. My husband and I are very thankful for Brooke Transportation having such an awesome consultant like Jeff.
Linda C.

Great job explaining detail on how the system works!!
Billy C.

Instruction here is straightforward and easy to comprehend.  I like the personalized atmosphere, which made it possible to take the time to think of any questions or problems, that you want to have explained.  Also this course includes motivational factors which leave you felling like you are ready to take on the competition and become successful in this field.
Doug R.

Prior to taking this class I had very little to no knowledge of trucking.  I didn’t even know what a freight broker was or what they did.  My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of logistics.  I left the class very enthusiastic and armed with a wealth of information to get started.
Ephriam M.

The class was taught with a style that was easy to understand and follow.  The content given was enlightening and very informal.  I recommend this class to anyone who is interested in becoming a freight broker or freight agent, you will not be disappointed.
Wayne D.

Very enlightening. Both the material and discussion helped to broaden my knowledge of the freight and transportation industry in the United States.  Becoming a freight broker entrepreneur is no easy task and all the information one can collect will never be of any waste.  Our co-coordinator was very knowledgeable and well prepared to give and answer all our questions. We all gained an extended family not just business education. 
Idonuagbe A.

Thank you. I now understand the link between Shipper-Broker-Carrier. This will enable me to enhances my trucking business and get my brokerage business of and running with a great deal of confidence.  The course is worth every penny and I would recommend this course to my associates.
Ephriam M., Jr.

The class was great.  Very informative and helpful.  Thank you very much. 
Stephen B.

I’m very glad Drake was my instructor not only for the way he taught the class but for the experience and knowledge he gave us all week. Thanks to all!
Ricardo D.

Great class. Drake did an awesome job! The question and answer time and personal knowledge was very helpful.
I am very glad that I attended this class rather than online. If you are looking to be an agent or broker I would recommend this course.
Tim K.

Great learning experience. Drake Sliver gives great personal experience which adds a great value to the class. He answers all your questions and gives you real life examples. Ready to get truckin on my new adventure as an agent.
Jesus M.

Great information.
David M.

This course helped me find out the trucking industry from another view.  Outstanding trainer. Thanks a lot.

I gained a lot of information and knowledge in this class. Drake was an exceptional instructor. I recommend this class for anyone interested in this field.
Johnnie S.

I have learned so much this past week. Can’t wait to put all my knowledge to use.  I feel I know enough to be very successful.
Shonda J.

This school really helped motivate me in the direction I am trying to go.  I am leaving with a positive attitude that I will be successful with hard work and determination.

Tons of information and all very helpful.  Had all my questions answered.  I feel like I now have the kclassmatesnowledge needed to go out and start this new career path and have a real shot at success. 

This class is the cornerstone and the foundation of any business.  The instructor and the were just amazing.  We learned a lot of information.  I’m a better broker because of Brooke.  I recommend anyone who wants to succeed, call and get signed up!

I have learned a lot about being a broker agent.  I learned how to communicate with other people and how to contact carriers and shippers.

Thank goodness for Susan and Ron Moore for sharing their knowledge and expertise for the entire week. Thanks to the positive experience I have acquired through this course, I am sure my business is off to a jump-start. I am very excited on my journey and I think Brooke Transportation and the Moores for their hard work and dedication.  We look forward to success.
Osmaida D.

The  class was very detailed and informative. The information was presented in a very user friendly and easy format. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in the industry at all. 
Randy G.

It was a good experience. I really learned a lot about being a broker. 
Aleides A.

This course was awesome.  Lots of information…enjoyable as well.  The instructors are very knowledgeable and skilled in the field.  I learned a great deal on what it takes to do this kind of work.  You not only learn and absorb the information but also use all the information that you’re taught.  This program is exceptional.
Norman W.

This class was the greatest decision I could have ever made in my quest to know the freight broker’s side of trucking.  The Instructors were very nice and super knowledgeable in their fields.  Having a second job while taking the class the Brooke team accommodated me with everything I needed.  I would advise anyone thinking about being a freight broker to take this class.
Clifton A.

The sales curriculum and hands on experience during the week clearly are bonuses.  Each individual instructor extended himself or herself to the entirety of each student.  No questions were left unanswered.  On a scale of 1 – 10, I grade this course a 10 ½. 
Billy C.

I came into the class with no experience and when I got there it was everything I expected and much more. It was fun, exciting and very helpful and well worth my money. 
Quintonia B.

The entire week was full of information!  Instructors were very professional and had unlimited knowledge on all aspects of the business. I am totally confident I can do sales and service now. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in life! Way to go guys!
Vickie C.

Great information!  Very comprehensive course.  Passionate instructor.
Jerome M.

I came into this training with no experience in the freight or trucking industry and no sales experience. I left with the tools and knowledge to be a successful as an agent or broker. The rest is up to me.
Jonathan M.

Great information.  Thanks for everything!!
Roman N.

I had a great time interacting with others and staff. It really opens your eyes when you see all the opportunities that exists on the different web sites Take the opportunity and run with it. 
Tim C.

I came into this class as an owner operator wanting to open my own brokerage.  The information that I learned helped me to understand the way to quote rates and find shippers. It was well worth the investment.
Thomas L.

My first call was to Jeff Roach.  He took an hour and a half of his time to talk with me about the class.  That was before I signed up for the class.  When I came to class I learned more than I expected and all questions were answered.  I now feel I can start my business with what I learned and have the resources to help me be successful in it.  Thank you.

I got a lot of hands on info from this class.  The people were very helpful. I have a much better understanding.  The whole staff treated me with great respect.
Langston J.

Enjoyed the class, would recommend.
Shawn M.

Excellent class, very informative.  I very much feel ready to start my business and very secure knowing I have a support system in Brooke once I get home.
Rebecca F.

Ron and Susie, thanks for all of the wisdom and extra effort you both put in to convey all of your knowledge and experiences. This class was not only enlightening, it left us all with great usable information.
Floyd W.

Thank you for your expertise, knowledge and time. It was a pleasure to meet you and  learn the freight brokerage business from Ron and Susie.  I am sure I will become a successful agent with the information you presented.
James  B.

Very energetic, motivational  and influential. A very great experience. Highly recommend Brandi.
Daphne J.

I found the class to be very informational and a lot of fun. The experience was wonderful and has helped me to be prepared for my new career.
Oscar R.

The instructor took you from the "cradle to lave" process of the business with advice on the pros and cons of several aspects of the business. The actual working of leads helped and provide me confidence for real time issues not just simulations. Great positive and helpful attitude of the instructor. Jeff and Jan, Thank very much for this wonderful opportunity you gave me. Brandi was very knowledgeable and freely giving of her expertise and experiences. Her personality and presentation skills are very good. Tish did a wonderful job explaining the operations of the business. I hope I will be able to repay your kindness and we will be in touch.
David H.

Clear explanation of every aspect of the business. The hands on work of qualifying leads and cold calling clients was of  inestimable value.. Brandi is an absolute amazing teacher. Her passion for the subject was very evident.
Ivan L.

Brooke training was the best thing I could have done. Very informative, all of the tools that you need. I am very excited to get going and start building my business.
Kim W.

For me it was great just learning the terminology. I talk like a realtor not a truck driver. I can hang now! Everything was great. I feel a lot more secure. Brandi was Great! Great networking! Got to also ride in an H2 Ha Ha!
Rae' Jeanne S.

Very informative. Brandi did an awesome job teaching the class. Since she is active in the industry she has the desire and drive to help us succeed.
Mark S.

My experience with Brooke Transportation was awesome. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in the freight business. My trainer was very patient and made sure that I understood everything about the industry.
Gilbert D.

Brandi gives us a lot of good information and makes the class a lot of fun!
Elizabeth S.

I flew in from New York to Texas to take this class. I'm very far from home but the trip was well worth it. If anyone is serious about getting into this business's this is the course to take. Brandy was the best instructor I have ever have come across, she has the knowledge required to teach anyone, from the front to the back of the industry she had all of the answers! To top things off, Brandi had a wonderful personality that showed the minute you stepped into the class room. Janis was also a pleasure to meet and work with!
Marcos M.

It was a good class though. I really learned a lot!
David S.

I liked the class. I felt like I got a lot of one on one time with the instuctor.
M. R.

Lots and Lots of information! Brandi (the instructor) was very thorough, very encouraging and high energy! I'm coming out of this feeling encouraged & high energy & hopeful for the future.
Joel J.

So much information I’d like an extra two days. The information was great! True to the industry. Brandi has a great wealth of knowledge!
Travis G.

Great general overview of all the information you need to get started in this business. I have new confidance and a new attitude towards selling.
Worth every penny. I feel very blessed to find people who care about others and their success.
Kerry H.

Fun class. Lots of info. As a starting broker I greatly appreciated the knowledge on programs to work with. Really learned a lot. You were great.
Gustavo C.

…Overall very informative and good overview of the industry.
John V.

High level overview of the industry and the steps/tools needed to operate as a freight broker/agent on a day to day basis.
Joe M.

I already run a small trucking company. I learned a lot of new things about the industry. Thanks.
Kamaljit S.

Well-organized class.  Students get both a good learning experience as well as the opportunity to network for potential agent positions.  Definitely time well spent.
Krishna R.

Worth every dollar! Caring for each students' success was evident. Speakers and teachers shared real life experiences.  All extended themselves after class to answer questions. 
Audrey M.

I would recommend carriers take this class.  Very informative!  Provided understanding of the other side of the business. 
Albert A.

Covered every aspect of brokering freight with a variety of expert teachers.  Excellent.
John H.

Thank you for allowing me to attend this class…we can do this.  Jeff Roach is a great motivator and teacher. 
Dotty H.

Really enjoyed speeches by Krish Dhanam, Roy Meyers and Josh Allen.  They all helped me understand the agent process better by giving their hands-on input.  Jeff and Janis Roach went beyond their duty to ensure we succeed. 
Janice K.

Class surpassed my very high expectations.  Speakers were very informative.  I feel confidant that I know what I want to do when I grow up.  This class was a spiritual moment in my life.

Class gave me more knowledge about brokerage. I learned and understood about software and skills I will need.  
Yan Ling A.
I really enjoyed attending the Training Course.  The instructors were really helpful with all the questions asked. I really believe it will help me get a jump start in my brokering career.  
Roger A.

I am very lucky to have chosen this course.  I have been in the trucking industry for a number of years but this course was very entertaining.  I learned a lot of new information.  I really recommend this training to anybody wanting to become a broker or agent.  
Salomon A.
This was very helpful to me. The workshop is just what I needed. Having a good connection of information is a plus. Booking freight is my niche. God bless.
Andre S.

I am so pleased with the wealth of knowledge that Ron and Susie Moore provided. Couldn’t have asked for better information.
Brandon S.
Truly enjoyed this informative class.  I’m not in the field at all so this was great for me! Great, patient teachers. I will become an agent first and work toward becoming a broker! I am ready to get to work!!
Valerie G.

I’m very happy with BTTS training.  Susie and Ron Moore gave me the attention I needed to understand the broker agent job. They made it very easy to understand.
Kimberly G.
I couldn’t have taken a better class than this one!  They gave so much information.  I recommend this class to anyone.  
Amanda R.
Some of the best advice in the industry. The instructors help and want to
see you be a success. This class is worth the cost. Pay attention, ask
questions, you will get your money's worth. Thank you guys for the start of
a lasting friendship.
J. R.

When I first came in I was a little nervous because I knew little about this
business. I was amazed at the knowledge I accumulated in only a week.

I enjoyed every day. Informative and fun.
Linda S.

Extremely entertaining and thorough. Great examples and answers. I now
feel very, very confident.
Dara S.

Very professional. Susie is very knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in being an agent or broker.
Mark E.

Listen and enjoy. Good stuff.
Michael H.

Brooke Transportation Training has been the most amazing experience for me.
I was cautious about spending money on something so new to me…especially
after being laid off for five months. I am stepping out on faith and will be
a success! Lance was a great instructor, breaking everything down to make
it simple. The guest speakers and human resources are phenomenal. These
genuine, good-hearted, real people have a true passion for the business. I
am now jam packed with information, resources and contacts. I have been
more than equipped for the task at hand. I am ready to go out and WOW the
world. Selling is not a dirty word anymore.
Vicki D.

As an owner-operator this class is the best investment I have ever made.
The info is excellent not only for those desiring to be brokers or agents
but also for owner-operators who would like to become carriers. This class
opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of the industry.
Julio E.

This class gives you the necessary tools and information to start your own
brokerage. Very knowledgeable instructors. I learned a lot more than I
Jamie R.

Awesome class. Everything on the website is true. I feel confident about
entering the industry.
Juan O.

I came with a lot of questions. This course helped me organize my goals and
see further than I imagined.
Joel B.

Very good class, very informative. Susie is a great instructor. I had
trucking field knowledge but learned so much more.
Timothy M.

Had no previous experience in the brokerage business. I now have insight to
move forward in this new career.
William T.

Really appreciated the amount of material gone over and the depth Ron and Susie went into.  I thought they were both very good instructors and made it clear that you only got what you put into it as far as a career goes. I would mostly recommend this course to people that are Sales oriented, although I suppose any one could make a go of it if they were motivated.  
Paul G.

What a great team!  Ron’s lifetime of experience in this field is an invaluable asset in this course.  Suzie has great presentation skills.  I feel very secure in recommending this course for anyone wanting to enter this end of the transportation industry, regardless of your level of experience.  Well done! Money well spent on my part.
Steve J.

Very informative.  I have a much better understanding of what it means to be a Broker/Agent. Trainers were very knowledgable.
Good comprehensive course. I’ll surely use the reference book given us in class. A rewarding experience.
Raphael E.  

I wanted to take the time to thank you and Jan (Roach) for your awesome
training program. She went way beyond the call of duty helping me long after
I finished the course. Because of some unexpected health issues I was not
able to immediately put my new knowledge to use. And although it's turned
out that I am a late bloomer (better late than never I guess), I am still
excited about learning this business, achieving a measure of success, and
contributing at some time in the future in a training capacity, should you
still have a need.
Rich N.

The class was informative and Lance was a great teacher. I have told a few of my friends about the school and the website to check out. I am looking forward to my career in Transportation thanks to Brooke.

Taking the class was definitely a life changing experience for me. Lance was a great instructor who was always willing to answer all of my question and help me understand everything completely. This class provided me with all the tools and resources to get started and become successful in this business. Taking the Freight Broker Training Course has allowed me to turn my dream of having my own business into a reality. Thanks!
Artelia W.

As a student of Freight Broker Training I came away with a “load” of knowledge in a industry I had no previous understanding.  I now know what a Broker-agent/operator is all about and the required ethics and honest it takes.  I learned lots of contacts to make the training a success.  On Friday we had a job fair with 8 vendors offering us all the chance to ask pointed questions; such as what is involved with the actual percentage the agent or operational agent would receive. Each company has many avenues and great tools to help me become a success.  It is all up to me.  If you have not tried the training, what are you waiting for? 
Angelica M.

The class was a great experience. Ron Moore has a wealth of knowledge and Susie Moore is an excellent instructor. They both combine to make a great learning experience. There was also plenty of opportunity with established freight brokers on the last day. I wish to thank everybody at Brooke Transportation Training for the service that you provide.
Andrew K.

Educational and well put together. I would recommend Brooke Training Solutions to anyone looking to get into the Broker business.
Virgil V.

I thought Lance and all the guests did a super job of explaining and
preparing myself and my classmates. Through their dedication we will be able
to start new careers. I want to thank all my fellow classmates, Lance and
all the folks at Brooke Transportation Training.

This was one of the most informative training classes I have attended. Ron (Moore), the instructor, went up and above his duty. He really made sure to answer all questions completely.
Ayala J.

This has been a wonderful experience. Thanks for everything.
Isabel A.

Great time and wonderful teacher – lots of information.
Jenny G.

I had a great experience at Brook’s training. Ron Moore is a wonderful
person, willing to explain things no matter what the question. Thank you.
Jason S.

Wonderful class. Very motivating.
Sherri C.

Thanks and God bless you for the time.
Rosalio M.

Great job! Hope you can help me in the future.
Diana J.

I have been in various wonderful ventures. My primary profession is “nurse clinician”, retired from the United States Army in 2005. My family made lots of money in the “trucking industry” while I was wrapped up in the “Sciences”. Brooke helped me see the magnitude of my family’s business.

Secondly, through this course I have established priceless relationships and networking with Jeff and Janis Roach as well as Lance White, my instructor. The class really portrayed the real American Dream. This week will enhance opportunities for 2M Logistics Transportation Group (my son and daughter-in-law’s company) to grow to an astonishing level. Three family members have attended this wonderful school. Brookes is the Best.
Shirley M.

I have been in the freight broker business for 3 months. The information I learned will allow me to overcome objections on the phone when prospecting. It’s given me a lot of ideas and guidelines that will allow me to get more customers. Lance was great as an instructor. I recommend this course to all those who are in the business or even thinking of getting into the business.
Rory R.

As a student of Brooke training and pretty new to the industry I learned a lot over the 5-day course.  I will surely use all the tools Ron and Susie gave me.  Thanks for all the hard work.
Dwayne T.

Over the past 30 years I have taken various college courses.  This course ranks higher in material presented in one week than anything I’ve ever participated in.  Very knowledgeable instructors.  Susie Moore is by far one of the best in the country in presentation ability.  Class money was well spent.  I know my future endeavor as a freight broker agent is on the fast track. 
David N.

I have enjoyed this week very much.  I feel like I can move forward towards my goals.  Thank you Ron and Susie—you were great! 
Marjorie C.

I had a great time in the class.  Very informative.  There is too much information to digest in one week but the Booklet and the online course help a lot, if you go back and review.  Loved the presentations from the different companies (on free Friday).  I got to know so many people and facts in the business that I had no idea existed.
Armand S.

The class has been very informative and interesting.  Ron and Susie were very helpful and enthusiastic.  They have a lot of experience and knowledge. 
Gabriela Z.

I enjoyed it! 
Daryl B.

Ron is not just an instructor but also a person with experience in the industry.  Well worth the money. 
Mark B.

Learned so much.  Thank you. 
Juana M.

The Brooke team is extremely helpful.  Any question I had was answered before I even thought about it. 
Albert A.

As an owner operator and a traffic manager this course brought the picture together for me.  Thanks. 
Timothy M. 

This class was very informative not only for transportation but sales and business as well. You can really use this information in daily life no matter what you do. 
Butch D.

Definitely informative.  Feel more prepared to be an agent. 
Darrel J.

The entire week has been very enlightening.  Not only have I received valuable information regarding brokerage operations and transportation, I have gained quite a wealth of motivational and inspirational strength.  Lance (White) was great – very knowledgeable of the industry!! 
Kay J.

I’m very pleased. I can work from home doing what I enjoy doing and make decent money. The most important thing I learned is how to start and succeed by first “walking” as an agent and work up to “running” as a broker.
Arcelia M.

I came in to training really negative. After day one I felt like I would be able to do anything and everything. I was inspired by all of the positive motivation not only in my business but also my personal life. Toby Slough was a wonderful inspiration to me.  Guest speakers are key. Brooke gets an A for speakers. I loved the way everyone was willing to give you contact info for if you ever need their help. Vinny told the whole class to call when discouraged.
Chrystie R.

This class was fabulous, inspiring, wonderful. 
Taneka N.

Great! Wealth of information. I recommend it.
Sharonda M.

Thanks Brooke. Guest speakers were full of knowledge. I know I got my money’s worth. You accomplished something I didn’t think was possible. 
Jerry M.

This training session with Brooke was well presented and very informative.  I knew nothing about transportation on day one…
Irene H.

I learned a lot with this course. I recommend everyone to take this Brooke Training.  I would like to thanks Jeff and his wife Janis for their time and for letting me have the chance to learn.  It was a wonderful week. 
Marc T. 

This experience and the knowledge gained is exciting.
Lawrence E.

This is the only class I have ever taken where I felt like the instructors actually wanted to teach me what they have learned!
Clay D.

I was confused before I came to your class.  I didn’t know which way I would be heading.  After finishing the course I feel comfortable and motivated to do not only the agent/broker business but also my day to day life.  Thanks Jeff; Janis was excellent, all the presentations were great.
M. V.

This was a great experience for me.  I learned what it is to be a Broker. When I came to class my goal was to be my own boss but I learned that being an agent is just as productive.  I’ll first crawl, then walk, then run as fast as I can.
Mary D.

I found this class to be one of the most informative, inspirting and uplifting classes I have ever attended.  The instructors are quite knowledgeable of the industry.  I recommend this class to any and all.  Keep up the good work. 
J. A.

The Brooke Transportation Freight Broker course was above my expectations.  Thanks for showing us all the details of the industry.  I feel I have information to succeed.  I’ve made up my mind to succeed and BTS prepared me for it.
Regina L.

This class is a growth experience!  This course gives motivation to perform to your full potential.  To proceed is to succeed.  Thanks to all.
Chase L.

Thank you Jeff and Janis. I know I made the right choice in a Broker Training School.  You guys are awesome!  The dedication and sincerity you show your students is tremendous.  I really appreciate the time and attention you give to all your students. Look forward to many years of continued success following your guidance. God bless you both.
Felix S.

You give and don’t hold back.  You’re honest about the business and industry.  You support even after the class week is over.  Thanks for the motivation.
Salvador N.

The course not only helps you learn about the freight brokering business, it also helps you improve other areas of your life.  The confidence built in me alone pays for the class.  Even if I never become a freight broker I think the class was worth the time and money I spent on it.  Thank you. 
Jose G.

Jeff and Janis are down to earth people who are genuinely concerned with giving each and every student the knowledge and tools they need to be successful in the freight business. 
Susie M.

I was very skeptical about the freight broker business…but after attending this course I’m very confidant I can go as far as I want.  
Demarco E.

Excellent class!
SVA Logistics

The class was very informative and very well organized.  The speakers were motivating Jeff gave a realistic outlook on the brokering business.
Anthony T.

This was the best training class in which I’ve ever been a part.  The instruction was top-notched and the educational materials will be an excellent help in the future.  I can’t say enough about the hospitality and graciousness of Jeff and Jan.  Thank you so much!
Amanda Y.

Very detailed and HONEST.  The main thing I loved is that they want you to be successful.  They tell you the truly positive stuff and the truly not positive stuff.  To Jeff and Jan Roach – God bless you truly.
David R.

The combination of great teaching with motivational speakers is uplifting. Brooke lets you dream big and gives you tools to make it a reality.
Andrew M.

This class has absolutely all the information you need to start your own brokerage business.
Rachel R.

Very exciting class, full of useful information. I was pleased with the emphasis on integrity, honesty and perseverance. I'm prepared to begin my new career.
Harry C.

I came to this class with no experience. Now that I've taken this class I feel I have learned a lot and can be very successful at this business. Thank you instructors for your time and sharing of your experiences.
Misty G.

I have been a truck driver for about 2 years. I decided to take this training because I want a better way to make good money and succeed. Thank you for this opportunity!
Carlos A.

I found out a lot in this class. Now I can start my own business and be successful. Thank you very much for your help.
Maxim S.

I was very nervous when I arrived but the instructors all made us feel at home!! The other students were so nice and supportive I hated to say goodbye. This is a great school with top notch instructors. If you want to do it right, come to Brooke. They treat you like family.

Class and teachers were great! I knew nothing about this industry, now I feel like a pro.
Angel W.

I truly enjoyed the Brooke Transportation Training experience this week. I believe that anyone that wants to get into this line of work should train in this course or consider it greatly. I developed good friendships that I hope are lasting. The teachers of this course were very good and very thorough in their training techniques. The speakers were unbelievable and inspirational for work and for life in general. Thanks, great experience!
Thomas S.

The guest speakers were great.
Patrick M.

I really enjoyed the class and I hope to use all of the knowledge to get my business up and going.
Jason K.

Doug (instructor) was a great resource of info for this industry. The speakers were inspiring and useful. The class is excellent for anyone considering a future in this industry.
Tom E.

Everything was great! Doug was an awesome instructor. It was well worth the money! Thanks,
LaDonna W.

Great school with top motivational speakers. Instructor was a great deliverer. I would recommend Brooke training to others.
Yartan Y.

"We loved the training you provided. It was perfect for us and the opportunity is a great fit for us as well. My husband Shon and I attended your November classes. We actually signed on as agents with Doug at GFirst. He has really been working hard to help me out. Thank you so much."
Shon & Maralee L.

"I learned from soup to nuts in the Transportation Industry.  Instructors were very hands on and experienced in the field. Your relationship with BTTS never ends; they’re just a phone call away."
Robert P.
"This class greatly simplifies the process of freight brokering. It armed me with great confidence for the task ahead."
Steven D.
"I really enjoyed working with Lori and Doug. Their hands on training really makes a difference."  
Julio R.

"What I liked the most was the instructors' care to give the new grads the right attitude to last in this business, besides the knowledge on how to start it. Positive attitude, availability of the instructors and vendors to support us after graduating; insights in all aspects and facets of the business."
Michelle C.

"In six months since completing your class, I just booked my 250th load! Thank you for the great class. It really gave me an inside edge into the world of moving freight.

I have learned a few things on my own, but your class certainly gave me a head start. One thing I constantly keep in mind is not worrying about the money. I keep my focus on customer service.

Thank you for the valuable head start that you and your instructors gave me."
Calvin J.

"The class was very informative and the instructors were very good. Thanks."
Andy R.

"I love this class. It was the best. You will love it too. Thanks go out to the instructors."
Cynthia M.

"Wow! What a great experience! I came in knowing nothing! Now I feel empowered with knowledge! Thank you so very much. You have a wonderful group that teaches a lot of great information."
Barb S.

"I would recommend the school to anybody. All of the teachers really know what they are doing."
Terry M.

"The instructors made it very simple for me to find financial aid. They care about my success, like I was a part of their family. THEY CARE!!!!"
Danny H.

"My reasons for taking this class are many, one of which being that I wanted to be my own boss. This class will provide you with all of the tools necessary to be a successful agent or broker. Now what a person does with those tools is entirely up them.

The instructors are not only good instructors, but they are also wonderful people. I came away from this class feeling very positive about a lot of things thanks to them and the inspiring speakers that we listened to.
Thanks guys for everything!"
Cindy G.

"Our class was wonderful! I had the chance to meet a group of people that I will be able to network with and have friendships with for years to come. The staff at BTTS was great and they were a pleasure to meet. I found a broker at the end of the week through resource day and I am looking forward to getting my business off the ground!"
Y. S.

"I found the instructors to be very informative, as their extensive past experience provided priceless information. With over thirty years as a PGA of America golf professional, I can avow their ongoing commitment to quality customer service. They also stress how success in the transportation industry (and in life) is closely tied to building positive, lasting relationships."
Dan H.

"Even though I've been in the trucking industry for 8 years, your class was very informative. I learned about many usual tools that I can use practically to help me become successful with my business. I really would have struggled for months and months trying to get this brokerage firm up and running with out your school's training and guidance.

The best part is I can contact you if I ever have any concerns after the fact. However, your training is so complete I've only had to contact Jeff once on a problem I had and he answered it right away.

So again thank you guys for everything. You have done a fantastic job with the school. Thanks."
Dan S.

"Your course and confidence in everyone pushed me further than I have expected. This is the only business in my life where I have invested the least, but made a nice profit thus far.

Let's pray for more customers and better future, but as a start it is wonderful and I thank all you guys for it.

I still keep in touch with some of the people that were in my class; especially Flying Brian."
Ralph T. S.

"I'm indebted to you both the instructors for the information I acquired from your one week class. It was not only a phenomenal class with more information than one could absorb in a week but everything taught is immediately applicable to becoming both a freight broker and freight broker agent.

I'm in the midst of having my application approved for becoming a freight broker agent and I can't wait to start making those phone calls to prospective shippers to get my business launched.

I will keep you both informed of my milestone accomplishments. To a better life and working from home, I want to say Thank You one more time for everything."
Prabh S.

"After almost 10 years in law enforcement as a police officer, I was ready for a change. I then began looking at Freight Brokering and found Brooke Transportation. I then decided to attend there school and I feel that I made one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

The class was very informative and exciting from the beginning. I learned so much from the instructors and have been able to apply all that I have learned in my new job. The instructors make this class easy learn because they keep it challenging but also exicting. I would recommend that anyone wishing to become a freight broker go through this class first."
Pete T.

"I just wanted to say thanks for your class and genuine interest in helping people succeed. Your class was a wealth of information for opening a brokerage as well as just being an agent. I really enjoyed the relaxed class setting that allowed us to ask questions and make comments. The course content was taught in a very easy to understand "step by step" manner. The friends that I have made through your class have become a great support system for my new brokerage. We all feed off of each other and help each other. I especially appreciate the additional help that you have provided since attending the school. You have been there for me to answer questions and run ideas by. You really are "a giver, not a taker" Thanks again."
Douglas D.

"BTTS School was awesome. I had a great time, and I couldn't stop bragging about your school... It was just such an educational and good time. GOOD JOB!!! Great instructors and speakers. Thank you for staying in touch and for believeing in me - you are a gentleman and a scholar. God Bless."
Brian M.

"Thanks so much for last week (at Brooke Transportation Training). It was a privilege and an honor. You guys (the instructors) have put a great program together. Your rapport with the students was awesome as well. I pray that God will continue to bless and use you guys to help others achieve their goals as well as your dreams."
Joe Mc.

"We had a great time training with Brook Transportation. By the end of the week we felt like our class was a family. We would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in going the extra step before opening their doors to the freight industry. Not only did we learn everything we needed to know in class, it did not stop there. The instructor and his team have been there for us to answer any question possible, and have offered any type of help they had available since then. For that we are eternally grateful."
Dan S. and Jeff N.

"I just wanted to say HI and Thanks!!! The class was awesome. It was more than I ever expected. The name of our company is Loyal Distribution Solutions. We got 2 large accounts, about 80k a month in revenue in our second week and recruited 6 of drivers. We are doing warehousing and distribution and already talking about knocking down the wall to get another 60 thousand sq feet. Please keep me in your prayers; I'm working on a bid that could possibly produce over 8 thousand loads a year. Like I said I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!! And from the bottom of my heart thanks."
Marty A. R.

"I was an electronic repair guy ready for a change. I found freight broker training school as a great preparation for a new career.

I chose Brooke Transportation Training because of price and location. The instructors do a great job telling you all you need to get started. The school is in depth...lots of information. And I have support now that I'm working as a freight broker agent.

I paid cash for the school with money I got back after refinancing my home. I'd recommend paying for the school upfront so you start out in the black. It may take me some time to start making money but I'm taking it one bite at a time."
Randy M.

"I wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure meeting you and Janis and I was very satisfied with the training I received...

I know that it is a very hard road ahead and it will not be easy, but I feel that after taking your class, that my confidence and knowledge level increased quite a bit. I just hope that by playing over in my head what you, Corey and Janis tried to emphasize... DON'T GIVE UP, that I will be successful."
Denise E.

"I have no prior experience in trucking. A friend of mine recommended this business to me. Did some web search and found Transportation Training Solutions, among others, but TTS was least expensive of all. Obviously I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I was apprehensive in the beginning. After attending TTS training for a week, I feel confident. I have already started the process, i.e. registration of my company, my authority, bond, etc. I am very excited and feel that I will be able to do it."
Satish W.

"From the time I walked into the educational classroom, the experience [of freight broker training] has been totally motivating. Very informative and more of an education in the truck brokerage and transportation business than I expected. Thanks."
Barbara C.

"I loved all the speakers and I learned so much. It was a life changing week for me. I wanted to work for myself and this course gave me the direction I needed - thank you!"
Laquita S.

"My experiences here at TTS has been very educational. I am about to receive my Masters degree, but honestly I felt that I learned more from this class than in and of my years of education. Thank you Transportation!"
Kristin C.

"In my professional career I have attended well over 4 dozen various technical and professional schools. I have found my week at TTS to be one of the best and most informative classes that I have attended. I am new to the trucking industry, yet I have 20+ years experience in the transportation industry (aviation). I have found that Transportation Transportation services provided me with a good foundation which to build my business upon."
Cecil W.

"I feel that Transportation Training Solutions is the most important step anyone should take that is looking to become a Freight Broker / Agent. The subjects are taught with great emphasis on real life situations. The emphasis on the structure of the business and in the area of honesty and integrity is really a strong point that impressed me. Thank you Transportation Training Solutions, I ma going away equipped to do a very good business."
Catrell W.

"WOW! What an information packed week it was. I can't even begin to express my sincere thanks to all the great educators at Transportation Transportation. I found everything of great interest to me and see nothing but opportunities in my future. I can't wait to get started knowing I am now armed with a great deal of knowledge. Thank you very much!"
Paul K.

"I would and will recommend it to everyone I know. This wasn't just a class taught on how to become a broker, it taught you how to set goals and gave me the tools to become a better person. I learned skills I can apply in every day life."
Nina M.

"Tremendous experience. The class effectively covered each step of the broker process. Fabulous organization. Thank you for not just building the temporal but also the eternal."
James F.

"I thought it was great. You did a great job of making sure we all knew everything before we moved on to the next step. I got more out of it than expected."
Mike C.

"This course has been an excellent tool in giving me an understanding of the basic principles involved in the freight brokering business. I now understand the components within the industry. I feel I have set the foundation which will help me as I develop my own business."
Glenn N.

"This material will give me a great start in getting this off the ground. One needs to start out a step ahead and with this I believe I will."
Christie S.

"This is one of the most positive experiences I have ever had. The emphasis on honesty and integrity throughout the class was absolutely wonderful and refreshing! After taking this class I feel armed with confidence and skills needed to open a successful brokerage of my own."
Amanda T.

"From the time I walked into the classroom, the experience has been totally motivating. Very informative and more of an education in the brokerage business than I expected. Thanks."
Barbara C.

"Before I had a different concept about freight brokers. This training really helped me. I really appreciate the emphasis they put on the importance of ethics."
Miguel E.

"Really received more than I had ever dreamed of. The only thing I would want is the gang to be with me next week, but I realize they are just a phone call away."
Cody F.

"I really believe that the information given in the course was 'right to the target.' I'm very satisfied of having made the decision of investing in this course."
Javier G.

"I would like to say that you guys provided me with more information and delivered more product than the cost of the school. You were exceptional in teaching this from the ground floor."
John M.

"I don't think I could have asked for any better of a learning experience!!!!"
Sean M.

"I came into this class with the carrier point of view and it opened up my eyes to what goes on before you even pick-up that load. The instructor and the personnel that shared their knowledge of the business were of big help to me. I was not afraid to ask questions and each answer was given directly and to the point."
Terry L.

"I was given a lot of knowledge and I'm going to recommend this course to anyone in the transportation field. It not only gave you knowledge on brokering but a more complete business course touching topics on all areas of transportation."
Anthony M.

"All I can tell you is that I got my money's worth. Not only from the point of view of a businessman but also from the point of view of a human being. Thank you very much."
Francisco R.

"I couldn't imagine entering the industry without this course. It was great for me. You did great work."
Shane D.

"I now feel like I can 'with confidence' do this without making costly mistakes. Even though I have done some brokering in the past, I had never been taught any kind of basics or boundaries. I now have a great foundation to build upon. I can say that I have knowledge that some people in this business will never have."
Ed H.

"The course put tools in student's hands that can immediately be used in their business. Great information, friendly, knowledgeable people, & great facility."
N. B.

"This course was very full of information. I truly enjoyed it. Everything was very well planned and laid out. The workbook was great."
D. M.

"The training program was a wonderful experience. All of the intervention was well explained by very experienced and knowledgeable people. I learned things I can use immediately in business as well as in life."
R. L.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It has given me a better understanding of how to be successful in the workplace as well as in life. I feel confident that if I apply the tools & resources that I have learned, I will succeed. It also taught me a format to set and reach my goals. Thanks for the new start."
B. W.

"I found this training every helpful with business and everyday life. I learned a lot about building a business and marketing which helped me understand running a business is a lot of work and rewarding at the same time."
J. R.

"WHOA! As an individual with no experience in the transportation industry, I feel I have received a wealth of knowledge that would have taken years to obtain. Coming from a sales background I've experienced many training seminars and such, but none as thorough as this. To find out there is so much to learn about the industry and then to be given not only a wealth of information but a process, a system, a model of how to effectively, competitively, and honorably (implement) is unheard of. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"
D. T.

"I have honestly had a wonderful time and a great experience in this course. I have obtained far more information/knowledge than I had ever expected, and useful information at that. Not only have I learned the methods and processes of a brokering business, but I have also been reminded of a few simple but very important facts of life and in my opinion "the keys to success". This course has shown me how to see life in a more positive way.. I want to especially thank you for your encouraging and caring way of teaching. You got a cool sense of humor and you made sure we would get our money's worth and more. Everyone was very kind and respectful and may God bless you all for focusing on being an excellent image in the world and by doing everything with honesty, integrity and professional service. Thank you all very much."
B. W.

"This was a most enlightening experience. I never knew there was so much to learn about this business. The instructor is TOP NOTCH who cares about students and wants everyone to succeed. I highly recommend Transportation Training for this training. Come ready to learn."
R. W.

"This seminar gave me a lot of information on the Broker Business. Without it I believe I would have made a lot of mistakes out the door."
S. A.

"This was a great experience. I've learned a lot this week not only about brokering but also about myself."
C. B.

"Coming from the Transportation Industry, I was first skeptical about the class. To my surprise I found the class to be educational and enlightening. I will definitely utilize the resources and knowledge from this class in my future endeavors."
W. C.

"Coming from a completely different field and background, This class was very informative & worth the money. "Kudo's" to Transportation Transportation for developing this class. Also complete openness on all aspects from A to Z of the brokerage business."
J. K.

"I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the entire program. The learning experience I can take with me and establish my brokerage firm. I have information plus the necessary tools to continue to learn."
Ralph G.

"You are very helpful and did everything you could to insure success in your class. You are understanding and also very kind. Your help was very much appreciated. Thanks."
Annette I.

"I felt the information was great. The delivery was good. The class was rich in information that is vital to the success in this business."
J. A.

"Great Experience for Success!!!!"
E. C.

"I am so impressed with your school and the curriculum. I have more information and knowledge than I imagined I would have. Thank you for training me so thoroughly."
R. O.

"I think this was a very good experience. I think it was worth the money because I learned a lot things I did not know and I thought I knew but didn’t."
S. L.

"This has been a wonderful experience in learning more about the transportation industry. Thank you Transportation staff for believing in a positive change for OUR INDUSTRY."
D. M.

"I learned a lot. I am thankful and happy to pick up better ways to sell and negotiate with customers in all directions. This will help my dream to have a successful business in the future. Thank you very much."
J. B.

"This was an excellent experience. I enjoyed and valued the focus on integrity and partnership. It is rare and quite wonderful to see a successful company that has this focus; preach it as well as practices it."
C. S.

"This class was very exciting and motivating. Very informative no matter if you go into business for yourself or work for someone else. The principles of success are taught here for business and life. I want to surround myself with these people.â??
J. R.

"This has been an outstanding class. I would like to thank you for all the information. The teacher was great."
R. P.

Advanced Freight Broker Course

The freight broker advanced course helped me out to have a better point of view of the transportation industry. Brooke imparted lots of resources that I am planning to use on my business. That is exactly what I was needing. I wish I could've taken this class before because it could have save me a lot of headaches. The class was fun, informative, and people are fun, pleasant, and a great source of information.
Leticia M.

Very informative and detailed. Great student and instructor interaction. I would definitely recommend this course if unfamiliar with the transportation business. I was able to ask questions freely and the instructor did a great job of answering. The interaction with Vinny was great as well, and more,the lessons were unique and fun.
Hugo L.

I really like the way the school used different individuals to bring out and focus on what is needed to get started as well as succeed in this business. The way Vinny presents, his portion of the course, is irreplaceable. Thank you so much.  Well worth the time and money.
Wilton W.

Vinny is an outstanding instructor. I believe he can help anybody gain clarity and move toward even more success in life with his training. I was able to move forward on several issues I've been stuck on for years. From the very first session I saw results and felt very comfortable with his warm, open, and caring approach. With his training I was able to determine what was truly important in life and translate that into specific actions. He was able to hold me to the goals we established and to keep me moving forward. I know he can do the same for you as well. He has that uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter in an amazing way. Through his training I was able to facilitate change very quickly and positively. I know that working with Vinny will provide you with an amazing growth experience and lead to a positive change in your life. If you are ready for growth and a positive change, then I highly recommend my trainer, but most of all my friend, Vinny.
Alex G.

Vinny, I liked this class because I learned a lot of information and what you gave us was good to know and a lot of help. Thank you very much.
Harvey T.

Vinny is very educated and makes a great teacher. He takes the time to make sure you understand, going back over (information) as many times as needed. He is a great motivator and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with him.
Steve L.