Reference Materials

Reference Materials

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions offers a selection of professional training resources to help you build a strong business, increase sales and stay focused and motivated.

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Now Go Sell Somebody Something! An Inspiration for Salespeople

A book by Bryan Flanagan

Bryan Flanagan believes in the sales profession and he respects salespeople. However, he also understands that selling is a challenge. Just think about it: if selling were easy, sales managers would still be doing it!

In this upbeat and fast paced book, Bryan focuses on handling the emotional demands of selling. This is not an instruction book on how to open and close sales; it is intended to give salespeople the confidence and encouragement to succeed in and enjoy the sales profession.

Topics that will positively impact your sales attitude:

  • You never graduate from selling
  • Stop! Look! and Celebrate your sales victories
  • Is cruise control costing you money?
  • Sell like and ACE and you'll be treated like a KING!

Price: $19.95 (shipping and handling included)

To order your copy, please call (214) 505-5109

How To Stay Motivated

(Volumes 1, 2 & 3) with Performance Planner

Learn how to get more of the things money will buy and all of the things money won't buy in this three-volume program. Zig explains in an inspiring, informative and humorous way the action steps to achieve total success. Includes the Performance Planner.

Volume 1 - Developing the Qualities of Success
Volume 2 - Changing the Picture
Volume 3 - The Goals Program

Compact Disk (CD) Price: $249.00

To order your copy, please call (214) 505-5109