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July 11, 2017

Best Time for the Best

By Jeff Roach Anybody can succeed when the economy is popping. When things are not spinning like a top, that is when the best shine. Lots of companies have had to make cutbacks. Who are the first to go? The underperformers of course, then the new hires and those close to retirement. Only a foolish CEO would let go of a top performer. When it is harder to land business that is when you need those who keep on working hard, moving forward with integrity and professionalism. The same goes for freight brokers and carriers. Those who perform consistently, with integrity, succeed even in a down economy. So I’d say it is the best time for the best. The best time for professional, ethical brokers, carriers and training schools. This business is complicated. Education is a key to success. I’ve been talking with some of the brokers who hire agents from among the Brooke Transportation Training school graduates. They are doing great. Why? Because they are well trained. They understand the process of getting business and working that business so first time customers become customers for life. They’ve learned how to weather any economic climate. Don’t be afraid of being knocked down…just get back up. I’m very proud of our graduates who get out and put to practice what they learned in our quick but effective training program. As freight brokers, our job is to educate both the shipper and the carrier. Because of the rising cost of transportation we will have to raise rates or more trucking companies will […]
July 11, 2017

Tough Times for Brokers

I read an article by Rip Watson about the high bankruptcy rate among freight brokers in Transport Topics. I try to focus on positives not negatives but the reality is that the economy has been tough on most entrepreneurs. I truly believe greatness can arise out of tough times. A while back I blogged about how many incredibly successful businesses were birthed during the Great Depression. What we’ve been going through is nothing compared to then. I imagine most freight brokers would have had a fighting chance had they gone through my course. I’m not being boastful I’m just looking at successful brokers. When my instructors aren’t instructors they are brokers and they are doing well. Very well. This is why training is so important. This is why the military trains every day for a mission. The more you learn the more you earn. I have consulted with brokers who are putting out unreal numbers and I can honestly say they have happy customers and happy carriers. I was amazed at the gross margin numbers every day. I believe in any market place – The guy who knows the most, who is the most informed and the most connected to the industry will be the last business standing. Standing pretty tall I may add. Learn to negotiate. The good news is we can learn anything. If you don’t like where you are in life, change it. Change starts in your brain. What you put in your brain everyday affects your actions. After you fill your brain with great stuff …Take […]
July 11, 2017

Franchise-like Business

Freight Brokering as an agent is a real chance to own a franchise like business without paying the franchise fee. If you come to my school – you will be recruited by the industry leading Freight Brokers to become their agents and get the support you will need to get your business done. This is not a get quick rich scheme, it is an opportunity to have a real career with your own business. If you have the  cash and want to build a brokerage and bring on 1000 agents, I can help you  with that too.  Our class will teach you how to own your own freight brokerage. I know how to do this because I’ve worked in the industry for over 20 years. I know what systems need to  be in place for an investor who wants to build a “non-asset business” with  extremely LOW fixed cost. The freight broker business is  booming, a great investment opportunity. I specialize in  helping companies grow their company as a part of the team. My passion is to create passive residual  revenue streams doing honest work. I love teaching others how to do it.   I love strategic alliances that are done on a handshake. Feel  free to contact me with all small business questions and concerns and  especially if you want me to help you on your project or if you want to help  mine. I love to talk to entrepreneurs, investors, and venture capitalist.    Our mission is to educate and motivate the go getters and go  givers.   You […]
July 11, 2017

Voice Altering

As a freight broker, trainer and salesman I spend a lot of time talking with people on the phone. Just saw an interesting segment on voice coaching. I do some business coaching of freight brokers and other executives by phone. This piece caught my attention and made me think about the image I project with my voice. Here are excerpts: Most people admit they can’t stand hearing their own voice, but what happens when how you speak defines the way people perceive you? “It’s OK for everybody to sound different,” says celebrity voice coach Roger Love, “but we’re supposed to be the best we can be within that difference.” Roger shares his three tips that everyone should know if they’re looking to improve their voice: • Melody. “Most of us speak like we’re one note on a piano. A piano has 88 keys — you gotta touch some of the other keys! You gotta go up, you gotta go down and you have to practice that. Melody is key.” • Volume. “We’ve become a world of whisperers. We’re talking to everyone like we’re not public speakers. I say we are all public speakers. You might be talking to one person or your dog — they’re your public. You don’t have to have a thousand people. We are all public speakers the second it comes out.” • Breathe. “Most of us are holding our breaths when we speak. You should breathe in through your nose, not your mouth. When you breath in through your nose it sends moist air to the […]
July 11, 2017


Thought this was a good article on the effectiveness of online learning. I think a person needs to choose what method makes sense for them. Some people enjoy the class room interaction. Some can’t sit in a classroom for a week for a variety of reasons. For that reason I offer both online and live classes. Have a read and see what you think. Adapted from “e-learning the 90-10 Solution” by Bob Livingston How much of the training in an organization can be done on-line? In a recent conversation, an executive concluded that all training could be done online. Others have offered opinions that run the gamut of percentages. Most run between 40% and 60%. And yes, there is still the occasional person who believes that e-learning can’t do anything well. My own conclusions put it more at the 90-10 level. Great online training can provide a learning experience that will provide the same results as great classroom training. However, the program must remain sound from a learning standpoint to reach this level of accomplishment. Online courses must have that right blend of involvement and reflection that makes the classroom so important. That is missing in many courses. Involvement is limited, and any reflection on the material is almost non-existent. There no longer exists any technical reason why these can’t be included. That’s why I think the number is at, least, 90%. What is the 10% that can’t be learned online? Skills that demand actual person-to-person practice. Sales skills and team skills are the first that come to mind. Concepts […]
July 11, 2017

A New Start

I enjoy articles that recognize trucking as an industry that weathers economic storm. In a modern society we will always produce goods in one part of the country that need to be shipped to another part. It is not feasible economically to have a plant everywhere there are consumers, you can’t grow certain fruits and veggies just anywhere and unless we all go out a buy a chicken we need to get our eggs shipped from farm to market so we can make an ommelot every now and then. Here’s the story of a guy in Amarillo, Texas who changed industries in light of the current economy. A New Start Shaky Job Market Drives People to Trucking After five years at an oilrig, Ben Touchstone was laid off. Leaving him, like many others, looking for a new start. “I read the newspaper everyday, everyday I’d find four or five places that needed a truck driver,” he said about his job search. “And all of them required a CDL.” Which led him to Amarillo College’s Truck Driving Academy. The school prepares students to get their commercial driver’s license (CDL). “Once you have the CDL you can drive a school bus, a greyhound. You will have license to do that,” said Robert Mathews, Truck Driving Academy Director of Operations. Elen Harding joined the class to become a bus driver when her career in nursing took a wrong turn. “I decided since that’s not working out, I’d go here and do something different and make a better life for myself,” Harding said. “People […]
July 11, 2017

Online Marketing

July is Brooke Transportation Training’s biggest month typically. So if you’ve been thinking about joining us in July to start a new future in freight brokering, sign up now. “The course not only helps you learn about the freight brokering business, it also helps you improve other areas of your life. The confidence built in me alone pays for the class. Even if I never become a freight broker I think the class was worth the time and money I spent on it. Thank you.” Jose G Freight Brokers are in high demand because no matter the state of the economy, goods must be shipped across country. Our economy is thriving so now really is the time to train for this exciting career. Freight Brokers match loads with trucks to move those loads. In Freight Broker Training you will learn the ins and outs of this business. Learning to find goods and the appropriate truck is only the beginning. We will teach you about insurance concerns, accounting, tracking, internet tools, sales inspiration and more. So come join us in Jacksonville Florida or Dallas Texas to train for a bright future. There is no greater thrill for me than seeing a student succeed. Moving Forward, Jeff Roach
July 11, 2017

Freight Broker Dictionary

After you’ve been working in this industry or any industry for that matter you use terminology and acronyms that are industry specific. I’ve started putting together a freight broker dictionary of terms students have asked me to define. If you hear a term you don’t understand tell me, I’ll shoot you a definition…or tell you I don’t have a clue what that means. Here are a few starter words important to understand as a freight broker: Truck Supply or Truck Capacity – the availability of equipment for any given period. On the fence – an empty trailer or tractor sitting on the Loaded miles – trucks running with freight Fuel surcharge – bonus paid to the broker then to the carrier to transport a hard to transport load. Bid Package – forms a shipper will ask a broker to fill out to compare their rate per mile and other offerings to that of competitors. Each shipper has a unique package. Spotted Equipment/spotted trailers – empty trailers left at a shipper’s dock door to be loaded or unloaded at a specific time (=extra warehouse space for company) Headhauls and backhauls, and hot zones – places and cities where you can find a truck easily and places you can’t. Moving Forward, Jeff Roach
July 11, 2017

A Hard Lesson from My Mentor Krish

Of all the advice I have been given over the years this may very well be the hardest one for me. “Forgive those who hurt you while thanking them for the experience”. Krish Dhanam, Brooke guest speaker and mentor, says the unwritten part of this statement is that you do not thank the offender in person for the pain they have inflicted on you, you must thank them and forgive mentally. Unforgiveness does not hurt anybody but you because holding grudges fills you with bitterness. Forgiving gives freedom. Pain produces growth and maturity, for that we are thankful. Forgiveness without gratitude is like a pen without ink. It is a good idea but actually worthless. God himself forgave us with grace and mercy for an eternity filled with promise. Hans Selye, the great stress specialist, said gratitude is the most beneficial of all human emotions and anger and resentment the most destructive. Mahatma Gandhi said ” an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind. These words came right out of Krish’s book, The American Dream from an Indian Heart. I can tell you, I do not have this principle down yet. I am trying but not there yet. Thanks Krish for reminding me. Funny thing about Krish – I have never left a meeting with him feeling bad. Whenever he comes and speaks to the Brooke Training class, all my students tell me the same thing. Thank you Krish! ( Moving forward, Jeff
July 11, 2017

Increase Your Sales in a Few Days

I’ve been in the transportation industry for several decades. I’ve learned a lot working for top freight companies. I built my own highly profitable freight brokerage and now I find joy in teaching others. I can get your company on the fast track to freight brokering with some customized consulting. I specialize in working with owners to increase sales. In a few days I’ll evaluates what really is happening in your company, makes changes and or suggestions, train assisting staff and often implement new commission based programs. I will consult one on one with the owner of the company. If you prefer, in a week I can set an entire brokerage in your office, including an accounting office, sales office, operations office, technology, etc. I truly find great contentment in helping others find their pathway to success. Costs: Consulting $5,000 per day in your company Consulting $2,500 per day at Brooke’s Dallas, Texas location Brokerage set up $25,000 Hourly Consulting $625 per hour The investment will quickly pay for itself through increased sales and streamlined processes. If you are interested contact me at Moving forward, Jeff Roach